Nigerians and Accents

Firstly, why is it that in Nigeria a sign of good education or the ability to speak properly has to involve an accent? (preferably American accent).  In my opinion this goes back to when we all used to look at “OYINBO’s” in such high regards. when some would worship them and believe they would do no wrong and sadly this way of thinking still remains with us till today.

It annoys me when i listen to the radio and majority of the hosts on the radio all have accents. There was this one time i was almost certain i wasn’t listening to a Nigerian radio station. This does not just apply to radio stations but to talk show hosts, newscasters and so on…

It’s even worse when the person speaking was not born, didn’t school, or live in America but then all of a sudden they have an American accent. Why???

I think its sad how in this day and age we are still not proud of who we are and do not appreciate and accept our culture the way we are meant to. It’s not like i’m pro Nigeria 100%, but there are a few basics things that we are meant to have on lockdown as Nigerians.

Conclusion: Lets all stop the accents and embrace our accents.